017 – About the meaning of god

Special Folge mit voller Frauenpower. Es waren gleich vier Frauen, die ich interviewen durfte. Wichtig: Das Interview findet auf Englisch statt.

When I was in Gothenburg I went for a walk one day. Something draw my attention. It was a chalkboard on the street on which a sentence was written: WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL LOVED? Good question, isn`t it?

Three women came up to me and we had a warm-hearted conversation about life, love and why they came all the way from Philadephia to Gothenburg. Later on that evening one of the women, AJ, began to sing and I got goosebumps (she is also the singer of the song in the podcast) while I was watching the rest giving out free coffee, talking to people with a big smile on their face and giving everybody a sense of community. 

We meet again, this time Anna Kvist, a Swedish women, one of the founders of SOS Church came along and together with Tika, Kiera and AJ from Philadelphia I had the honor to do this interview. It turned out to be a very deep one about the meaning of god, why we all long to give something to the world and what really makes us feel loved.

More informations about the project: www.sosgbg.se @sosgbg

Contact them on Instagram:

Anna Kvist @sosgbg

Kiera Bohan @kierabohan

Tika Sibur @tikasiburt

AJ Luca @ajluca @citylifeworship

www.citylifephilly.com @citylifephilly

Thank for you for reminding us that there is so much more in us humans and how important community is.

The travel packages for women you will find here: http://dasherzeinerfrau.de/

Mehr unter: http://kimjasmin.com/podcasts/about_the_meaning_of_god/

On youtube: https://youtu.be/AScHmFvVIQU


Enjoy the interview and please let us know in the comments below what you thought while you listened and feel free to share the interview if you liked it.

Lass dein Herz brennen,

Eure Kim

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